At this time, REACT E-Cycling Inc. is not accepting CRT TV and CRT Monitors on a daily basis. We will however, accept your CRT TV and Monitors for free at the Chemung County Electronics Recycling events. These events are held at the Fairgrounds and will be advertised  in local papers and on local Television Stations. Dates will also be posted on    

The following is the NYSDEC list of accepted products. These products are accepted for free recycling at REACT E-Cycling Inc: Please read the above statement prior to bringing CRT TV and Monitors to the REACT Facility. Thank you.

Computers, laptops, tablets and computer components, all TV and monitors, Printers, copiers and fax machines, DVD, DVR and VCR players, Gaming devices and consoles, Network Equipment, Keyboards, Mice, cables and cords from electronics (no Christmas lights), circuit boards, Servers and server equipment, routers and switches, converter boxes, cable and satellite receivers and Portable digital music players.

The following is a list of everything we recycle. There is a $5.00 per item charge for anything not listed on the NYSDEC list above.

 Computers (Desktop & Laptop)
 Monitors (Flat screen & CRT) We “do not”  accept CRT monitors from the public due to DEC regs.
 Computer accessories (Mice, Keyboards, Webcams, and Microphones)
 Cables & all IT accessories
 Storage devices (External hard drives, solid state drives, SD cards, memory
cards, card readers, ect.)
 Computer power supplies
 Printers (Ink, toner, & cartridges)
 Gaming devices
 Network devices
 Computer peripherals
 Circuit boards/cards
 Scanners
 Servers
 Storage arrays
 Network related equipment
 Power distribution units
 Routers and switches
 Cabling
 Switchgear
 Panelboard
 Mainframe computer equipment
 Motor generator sets
 Server racks
 Copiers & Multifunction devices
 Fax machines
 Video & audio equipment
 Phone systems
 Projection equipment
 Printers
 Plotters
 Security equipment
 Receivers and transmitters
 Answering machines
 Cell phones/Smart phones
 Tablets
 PDAs
 MP3 players
 Cameras
 Stereo Equipment
 Video players
 Digital cameras
 Video cameras
 Game consoles
 Accessories & cables
 DJ equipment
 Defibrillators
 IV pumps
 Spectrometers
 Ultrasound equipment
 Anesthesia units
 Most small home appliances (No refrigerators, ranges or dishwashers)
 GPS units
 Wires & cables (No Christmas lights)
 Fitness trackers/smart watches
 Cable boxes (Analog, digital, & satellite)
**We do accept CRT (Tube) TVs and monitors from businesses and municipalities for a charge. However, these devices must be intact, they cannot be broken and the plastic back must be in place.

There is a $5.00 per item charge for anything not listed on the NYSDEC list of accepted electronics.