REACT is a leading, nationally known recycler of excess and surplus electronics. Companies of all sizes have been entrusting REACT to handle their electronics scrap, including computers. We are closely networked with licensed precious metal refiners, electrical component manufacturers, and computer related peripheral dealers. REACT has been C7 certified as a dismantler and recycler of used electronics by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. We are R2 certified, ISO 14001 certified and OHSAS 18001 certified.

With today’s new EPA regulations and ban on landfill of obsolete electronic equipment, there is urgent need for organizations that can handle obsolete computer and electronic equipment in a safe, secure and environmentally friendly manner. REACT is dedicated to answering today’s electric recycling and disposal needs. We closely work with individual organizations to offer you the best plan that suits your special situation. We understand that the new EPA regulations have put great liability on organizations in the handling process of their obsolete equipment and we are aware of this liability and are equipped to handle this responsibility.

We understand that information security is a priority of companies and organizations disposing of their old equipment, like computers, where the hard drive contains critical information. We at REACT take this matter seriously and have in place highly secure programs that ensure thorough cleanup of such data from your old computer hard drives. Our technical staff is highly trained and expert in this area. We are HIPAA compliant and

“Proud to be the E-Cycler of choice for Homeland Security. Another testament to our dedicated and professional service

We offer memory sanitization by way of software and shredding. Our software will erase and randomly overwrite your hard drive seven times. Shredding will, of course, completely destroy your hard drive.

We recycle computers, monitors, peripherals, test equipment, medical equipment, TV’s, VCR’s, CD players, DVD players, fax machines, copiers, cell phones, phones and phone systems, communication equipment, radios, pagers, TV’s, Vacuums, Coffee Makers, Electric Heaters, Blenders and more.

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